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At ultimate clean power washing we are your source to clean surfaces on or around the house. We use a soft wash to clean the algae and mildew from your siding, trim, and gutters. The soft wash is able to make a house look new again, while being gentle on delicate surfaces. We have a solution to clean any surface you might have like siding, stucco, concrete, pavers, decking, roofs, brick, or any other surface you need to look their best. Ultimate Clean is insured to make sure you receive the best service possible. We deliver a professional experience you can count on.


Cleaning the algae and mildew off the siding, gutters, and trim of your house is not as simple as it seems. We use a soft wash process that relies on our cleaning solution to get your house clean. This process is easy on siding and other delicate surfaces. If to much pressure is applied to the siding this can cause streaks and other damage. Our cleaning solution is what does the majority of the cleaning. Simply using water will not adequately clean the surfaces of your house. We can provide a clean that will make your house look new again.

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Paver cleaning

Ultimate clean is able to wash your pavers and restore them to a new condition. While similar to typical flat work, pavers need more added to the process to deliver a professional finish. One thing we offer is re sanding once the pavers have been washed and dried. The re sanding step is an important one that should not be overlooked. The old sand is blown from between the pavers and needs to be refilled with new to complete the job. We can restore the look of an old patio or sidewalk adding value to the outside of your house.


Decks: Ultimate clean power washing is your source for deck washing. We are able to clean any type of decking surface you might have. A deck is a delicate surface to wash. If to much pressure is used the wood can become furred and ruined. It is important to clean mildew and algae from decks before staining or re-staining. We are able to clean your deck, restoring it to a beautiful condition. Don’t take a chance with your deck, schedule Ultimate Clean today.



The roof of your house is often a neglected part that can make a big difference on over all appearance. Washing a roof is a delicate process as not to damage the shingles or cause leaks. A roof wash will require an estimate to make sure the roof is in suitable shape to be washed. Much like the soft wash we use for siding the roof is treated in a similar fashion. This is a section of the house that requires a professional to deliver an excellent clean. 

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Make mildew disappear!

Here is a short video of our custom mix cleaner soap making the mildew disappear, notice the dark sections return to a bright clean wood finish. 
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